SOS 50th Anniversary

We are proud and excited to celebrate 50 years of care and continuous improvement to the working and living condition of ratings. To mark the special occasion while ensuring the safety of participants during COVID-19, our celebrations have gone digital! To our dear members, affiliates and tripartite partners – we invite you to join in the fun by sending us your well-wishes or tagging us your collective photos and video messages on Facebook and Instagram. You may also like to share our 50th Anniversary logo (below) on social media or participate in our quizzes to test your knowledge of SOS!

Many Stories One SOS

The slogan highlights the same arduous journey every organisation, company or trade union has encountered to be where they are today. For this, however, it is SOS’s version – and our adventure. The life lessons, challenges and unique encounters of our seafarers, members and stakeholders contribute to the growth of SOS.

“Many Stories” wraps around myriad perspectives and circumstances and a widespread of the good, the bad, and the ugly. In one way or the other, all of which converges to one thing: Help built SOS brick-by-brick for over the past 50 years. And it will continue to do so for the next 10, 50, and even 100. This is why the slogan then ends with “One SOS”.

Organising Committee


  • Leow Ching Chuan Advisor
  • Kam Soon Huat Advisor
  • Daniel Tan
    Daniel Tan Co-Chairman
  • Shena Foo
    Shena Foo Co-Chairman
  • Shirley Lai
    Shirley Lai Secretary
  • Mohamad B Abu Bakar Member
  • Raj Moham
    Raj Moham Member
  • chuanyi
    Chen Chuanyi Member
  • Noraini
    Norani B Md Rais Member
  • David Sim Member
  • Kodrasono
    Mohammad B Kodrasono Member
  • Sharon Li Member
  • Ong Zhiwei
    Ong Zhiwei Member